Training Sessions

Our coaches design specific drills geared towards player achievements. Each player will receive feedback and an overall grade from our coaches at the end of each course.  


All sessions are instructed at a medium to high intensity level and include a full warm up and cool down.


Our First Few Sessions will focus on...

  • Mastering basic techniques

  • Increasing strength and foot speed on the ball

  • Learning the foundation for ball control

  • Passing


  • Beating an opponent and feinting

  • Goal Scoring


  • Becoming technically equipped to play the game at a high level.

  • Increasing players’ mental soccer strength and capacity`


As we move through the sessions we'll focus on...

  • Mastering advanced techniques

  • Total ball control

  • Fast paced attacking and defending


  • Decentralize a defender and get pass the defender

  • Skills to beat the defender


Near the end we'll re-enforce work on the following...

  • First touch reception and passing

  • Fast footwork & fast footwork with speed

    • Make time and take command of the ball

    • Change of direction, Change of direction with speed.

    • Taking on opponents and beating a defender

    • Hesitation, stop and go moves to create space