Woody Bailey Soccer School has developed programs for individual players and teams.  Our programs focus on high level technical skills designed for players who may want to someday play for a team at their highest levels and want the training to help grow their technical competencies.


Woody designed three modules geared to achieve regular visable results




Elite:  At the completion of this program, players should be comfortable challenging opponents’ 1v1, dribbling and using techniques


Champions: At completion of this program, players are able to show strong skills vs. opponents’ using taught shills. Proficient passing and strong first touches.  


School of Champions: At completion of this program, players are able to show flawless touches, passing, movements and game skills






  • Advance Ball Control

  • Feints

  • Precession Movements

  • Inside, outside, Sole of Feet

  • Instep, Thigh, Chest and Head

  • Speed and self confidence

  • Deception and Delay

  • Accurate game breakout




  1. Mastering basic and advanced techniques

  2. Increasing strength and foot speed on the ball

  3. Beating an opponent and feinting

  4. Goal Scoring

  5. Becoming technically equipped to play the game at a high level.

  6. Increasing players’ mental soccer strength and capacity`

  7. Fast paced attacking and defending


School of Champions:


  1. Learn the foundation for ball control

  2. Total ball control

  3. Decentralize a defender and get pass the defender

  4. Skills to beat the defender

  5. First touch reception and passing

  6. Fast footwork & fast footwork with speed

    1. Make time and take command of the ball

    2. Change of direction, Change of direction fast foot with speed.

    3. Take on a opponents and Beat a defender

    4. Hesitation, stop and go moves to create space


WB technical staff have spend years studying proven soccer techniques and a passion for instruction at a high level. we ensure players have a positive learning experience while gaining lots of useful advance soccer