Our focus is imparting superior long-term-technical skills to players in order to enhance their long-term development into the ranks of the world’s best.


Teams sometimes need help with their technical development. Individual players who may have the basics and want to grow as a team have benefited from our training, everyone on your team or in your club can benefit from our intense technical sessions designed specifically for your required outcome.


WB has trained at least two teams per year that have graduated to become regional and or provincial champions. We encourage you to take advantage of our cost effective and superior training.


We are experienced in training teams for high level performance. If your team’s desire is to move up into the next level or just to get an edge over the competition, we will work with the team's head coach and coaching staff and develop programs specific to their needs.


Email us today to inquire about high level training for your group! 

Programs for Teams and Clubs